The Morning Call; Apr 17, 2004


On February 20, 2007 Esterly's was featured on Channel 69 news. Below is the dialoug that took place between Chaz from Channel 69 News and Rodney Esterly, Owner and Operator of Esterly's Sandwich Shop.

To the right are pitures taken by Channel 69 News during the interview.

You Tube link of the video

Chaz: "On to Berks County and Esterly's Sandwich Shop -- family run for 40 years."

Rodney: "We are the home of the no-grease cheese steak."

Chaz: "Owner Rodney Esterly works the grill in this cozy carry out spot.

Rodney: "The secret to the cheese steak: the longer it sits, the better it tastes. You eat the cheese steak right away, it's good. One hour later, it's 100 times better."

Chaz: "Some water on the grill creates a little thrill. Now we're talking, there's some steam. He stuffs nearly 3-quarters of a pound of steak into a hearty roll."

Rodney: "Softest rolls you ever want to touch." [Chaz touches the roll] "Now I have to get the guy a new roll."

Chaz: "The board of health will be on you."

Rodney: "Now I've got to throw that one away."

Chaz: "I had a grandma once. Made cookies. I'd ask her what's in 'em. She'd say it was baked with a little bit of love. You feeling that?

Rodney: "Yeah. Always feeling the love. A lot of love in the cheese steaks."

Chaz: "I think I need a hug, Rodney."

Rodney: "Little manly there, Chaz."

Chaz: "And that's what it's all about: Love for the 'steak. A sandwich that's as much a part of this region as a good ol' traffic jam on Route 22."