Stories of THE CRAZE

The Craze has made it to all 50 states in the United States and is now GLOBAL.

Check back for where our N.G.C. (no greasy cheesesteak) will visit next!

Read more about the No-Greasy Cheesesteak's GLOBAL travels here!

             Anyone ever see Rodney in the Esterly's Cheesesteak hat?

The Journeys  (The originals)

Some Oldies but Goodies of the Esterly's story :)

Journey I: The Sanders family (Dave, Shannon, Hannah, and Emme head west in their Jayco. They took 6 small NGC's with them. They ate them in different cool parts of the country like Yellowstone and Glacier Parks, and other cool parts of the west. See picture here.

Journey II: The Sanders family headed South this time and they took the Esterly family (Rod, Felicia, and Josh) along with them. Where you asked? Disney! The NGC made it into a couple different parks where I (Rodney Esterly) ate a cheesteak in front of the Sci-fi Restaurant in Hollywood Studios. See pictures here of The Esterly's at Disney with the NGC!

Journey III: The strive for the final five! The Sanders family headed west again! Journey III pic. This time to finish off the five remaining states left that the NGC have not been to. They came close. They ate NGC's in four of the five remaining states. They wimped out and would not drive 800 miles out of their way to finish "UTAH"! So Utah is the only state left for the NGC to journey to. See map here.
We love this family! See pictures here. Arkansas, | Idaho, | New Mexico, | Oregon.


Another Cool Story
A customer bought 10-12 Large Bacon Cheesesteaks 4 weeks in a row, then took them to businesses near the Lehigh Valley Airport.

Last week 12/12/06 he ordered 20 Large Bacon Cheesesteaks and took 6 of them to Freeport, Maine.
Pretty COOL ("The CRAZE")
A customer phoned in his order from Washington, DC., for 40 large cheesesteaks and bought 8 more when he picked them up, then he went back home to Georgia.
Very Cool! For those who care or don't care, Rod Esterly        Summer 2005
Another Story For The Wall
Jacqualine ordered 2 large cheesesteaks, specially made. She got on a plane and flew 4+ hours to Texas, with the cheesesteaks. Hopefully she enjoyed her cheesesteaks.
All over the country! ("The CRAZE")