Perky's Pizza was started back in the Spring of 1969. Sarah and Percival Esterly had a dream. For 6-7 years they had a great time living their dream. They added on and kept on cookin'. After 6 years Perky got sick and they had to close down. The dream was over for now, and then Perky passed. The shop was closed for about 7 years. In the spring of 1982, my mom and dad decided to reopen the sandwich shop. They renamed the shop to Esterly's Pizza and Sandwich Shop. The dream continued. They ran the very successful "Esterlys" for 6 1/2 years. It never was enough to pay all the bills so my dad would work part-time with a welding company to make ends meet. Mean while, little (big) old me was by their side while I was growing up. I just wanted to help. Then it happened, Monday Aug. 22, 1988, the worst day of my life. My dad was killed in an explosion at a welding site. For a couple of months the dream was over again. It was a tragedy. You must click on the last picture above to hear the rest of the story.