It was Sept. 1, 1988 when my mom couldn't continue the dream without my dad, so little ole me decided to take over the sandwich shop. The dream continues on; 3rd generation. I just turned 19 years old and I thought that I knew everything I needed to know about the business and life. I was wrong. My business was doing well when out of the blue at age 23 my life changed forever. I had a "brain tumor", go figure. I didn't do anything to get it and I can't do anything to get rid of it. That was my motto. To make a long story short I almost died a couple of times. After 2 shunt operations, and 1 brain byopsy, it was believed that I had a tumor that went away with radiation. After waiting a month for confirmation that the tumor was a good tumor, the results never came back from John Hopkins University. I was laying on the table ready to have major brain surgery, the results came back positive; I did not need surgery. Wow, why was I even there? Thanks mom for everything you did for me. The radiation works. I'm clear for the past 10 - 15 years? Some day it might bite me in the butt when I least expect it. I am a changed person. Live every day like it's your last. The dream continues, business keeps growing, as do I. I got married to the most beautiful, sexiest, smartest, cutest, hottest woman I could find; Felicia Cunnius. Wow, she's hot!!! Then it happened, the best day of my life; my son is born. Joshua Ronald, the 4th generation, and his future in Esterly's, and so the dream continues. To see a picture of my son Josh, click here.
P.S.(2): Thanks Forrest

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